Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Calm Before The Storm

Rally staff is on-site at Boomtown here in Reno.  The phone has been quieter today which is always a good sign.  Let's hope all those gremlins that jumped on the bikes in Denver have shaken loose so we can finish this rally with minimal tire/gas/shock/radiator type stuff to bother us all.

We've noted some of the arm-chair quarterbacks out on the Internets wondering about the plethora of bike-related issues.  These aren't tech-inspection type problems. Tires pick up things, mechanical failures happen.  And once in a blue-MOON you get bad gas. 

Oh well - it's all part of the game.

Meanwhile, our friend Olaf Moon is showing us what determination means.  After spending two days in Wichita, his BMW is finally over it's bout of water-infused gasoline.  Olaf is gallantly heading west to the checkpoint. He has until 9am tomorrow local time before being DNF for the leg.  He'll then continue on leg 2.

And speaking of determination - Bob Bowman has had a bumpy ride with his bad shock &  considered dropping out.  Instead he is taking it slow but collecting bonuses on his way to Reno.  Many, many thanks to Brian Roberts for providing a rear shock for Bob & also to Jim Wilson who is meeting Bob here to provide help in getting the shock replaced in the parking lot this evening.

Marc Beaulac came to the rescue of Mike Riley whose front tire acquired a large hole in it in Phoenix.  That tire is replaced & Mike is also making his way to Reno.

We can't thank all the folks who have taken time out of their holiday weekend to assist our riders.  This is the best group of people anywhere.  Period.

Two more riders have decided to withdraw - Rex LeGalley & Mark Crane.  Sometimes life doesn't cooperate with our need to do this crazy stuff.  Thanks for joining us while you could.


  1. The grit and determination of all of the riders is what makes this sport so great! Thinking positive thoughts for those who are "limping" in to Reno, that they sort things out, get some rest, and get on with the the second half with renewed enthusiasm.

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  3. Go Fun Bobby!! You can do it!!!🏁🏍🏁

  4. Great to see that Olly made it with 20 minutes to spare.