Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Celebrity Bonus

The riders started the second and final leg with the one bonus they didn't receive in Denver. To paraphrase, go the the IBA Memorial near Gerlach and get a photo of yourself and your rally flag with the two celebrities there. The celebrities were Peter Behm the 2011 Iron Butt Rally winner and Derek Dickson the 2013 IBR winner. All the latest photos are HERE
 First challenge of the day, wait 20 minute for a pilot car to guide you through the construction zone. Crawl along for 5 mile for absolutely NO work being done.
 Because of the construction delays the riders arrived in nice neat groups.
One handed down Guru Road.
 Celebrities photographed by the world's most adorable rally volunteer.


  1. Riding to Gerlach was, for me, the highlight of the rally. I started LD riding in 2012. I have done a few IBA rides, attended some IBA events, ridden in a couple of rallies since then. I have wanted to visit this special place since I first found out about it.
    Riding to it with 20 other like minded riders, most of them far exceeding my modest capabilities, is something I will never forget.
    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit this amazing place.

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