Friday, July 8, 2016


It is hard to believe all this massive fun will be over in less than 24 hours.  The rally van arrived back in Denver at 8:30pm MDT yesterday.

Audits are complete. Scorers are arriving & will go through a short training session tonight.  Scoring for leg 2 will begin at 4:00am tomorrow morning.  Penalties will accrue between 6:00am to 7:59:59am.  8:00am or later will be considered DNF for the leg.

We arranged an early check-in option in Reno that seemed to work well for many of the riders.  The official start of the checkpoint was 5:00am Wednesday morning.  The early checkpoint from the rally book:  "if you check in early at the checkpoint with rally staff between 10 pm and 12 midnight and go through early scoring, you may use your check-in time as the start time and 7:00am as your end time, without obtaining receipts."

Dale McNeely arrived for early check-in but unfortunately, not riding his motorcycle.  His BMW GSA arrived on the back of a flat-bed. Major transmission problems took Dale out of the rally.

Olaf Moon managed to make it on time to the checkpoint at 8:36am.  He was scored & managed to get 4,447 points.  That doesn't tell the whole story.  After filling his tank in Wichita on day 1, it became clear he had a major problem.  Water in the gas tank is never a good thing.  He was forced to stay in Wichita for two days until his BMW could be repaired.  He then sprinted from Wichita to Reno with 24 minutes to spare.  He was met with applauds when he entered the scoring room.  No matter what his leg 2 looks like - Olaf gained a lot of respect for his determination & perseverance.  Well done, Ollie!

Unfortunately, Adrian Scudella and Darryl Doughty are both out due to mechanical issues.

So, for the next 14 hours we'll watch the SPOTs as they make their way back to Denver.

Stay tuned....

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