Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shakedown Rally Uncovers Some Issues

From Dylan Spinks:

My ST was basically stock a couple months ago. So to work out all the little bugs I figured what would be better than doing a rally two weeks before the start of Butt Lite? So this past weekend I participated in the Minute Man 1000 24hr open rally. Fantastic staff, and is always an awesome time. And bugs I did find! 

·         The Zumo wouldn’t take a basecamp file 
·        iphone is useless when it gets hot
·         ipad is useless (and also won’t charge) when hot
·         Some Bluetooth connectivity issues
·         Hydration system worked well, long as you enjoy McDonalds Hot Coffee Temperature water/Gatorade mixture

At least the bike was running well. Then somewhere outside of Baltimore the rear tire went down. 

Add to list:
·         Buy more tire plugs (Consider Darkside?)
Looking like it’s going to be a long couple weeks in the garage.


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  1. Glad you made it home from the OBX, didn't see you at MM1K breakfast.