Friday, June 17, 2016

Here We Go Again

Can it possibly be that two whole years have passed since Butt Lite 7?  And can it be that we started planning Butt Lite VIII somewhere along I-35 between Austin and Minneapolis around that same time?

So, here we are.  Two weeks from today me, Bart, David & Pedrow will load up the Rally Van and begin the journey to Denver.  Pedrow will want to stop and pick up every shiny object laying on the side of the road. Bart will argue that there is no room in the van for any junk. David will test the Rally Phone and I will go over my lists for the 1000th time to make sure nothing has been overlooked.  (And something will be overlooked.)

As with Butt Lite 6IX & 7 - the Rally Masters have spent countless hours traveling North America looking for those wonderful nuggets called Bonuses.  We've exchanged thousands of emails.  We've made hundreds of tiny decisions.  We've run through possible routes looking for the winning one. We've ordered swag and trophies.  Negotiated with hotels.  Lined up volunteers.  And soon the plan will be executed.

Butt Lite VIII is the largest Butt Lite ever.  When we opened registration we had no idea it would sell out in mere hours.  Our original plan to have 80 riders was quickly changed to accommodate the instant waiting list we had.  We increased the field to 100.  As of this writing we have 97 participants.  There will be some attrition before 7:00am MDT, Sunday, July 3rd.  But it will still be the largest group to start a Butt Lite.

As with 6IX and 7, we plan to use this blog to keep y'all up to date on all the fun.  We'll have a public Spotwalla page so you can watch all those tiny motorcycles as they scurry about looking for all the fun things we found on our travels.  There will be photos and stories.  And we'll invite our riders to share their thoughts and rally prep with you too.

Rally Headquarters is the Denver Marriott Tech Center.  We'll start rider check-in and tech inspections on Friday, July 1st.  Rally packs will be handed out at dinner on Saturday, July 2nd.  The rally officially starts at 7:00am MDT on Sunday, July 3rd.  The checkpoint will be at the Boomtown Hotel & Casino near Reno, NV on Tuesday evening - Wednesday morning.  Then we all head back to Denver for the finish at 8:00am MDT on Saturday, July 9th.

Stock up on the popcorn.

Light fuse, get away...

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  1. The clock is well and truly ticking away here down under!

    12 days untill I walk onto the plane with still more riding in our southern winter yet to be done.

    Its pouring with rain outside its dark and I am scheduled to head off this afternoon for a 1400km FarRide to Central New South Wales with Olaf Moon (Viking Ollie) To say I'm looking forward to seeing some northern hemisphere summer is an understatement.

    Good Times!