Thursday, June 23, 2016

Prepping From Down Under

From Martin Little:

"It's the middle of winter, freezing cold but ride we must as we prepare for Butt Lite VIII. The bike in the photo is my 2009 R1200GSA (farkled up to match the GSA I will be using in Butt Lite) and I am on the return leg from a ride out to Northern New South Wales. 5 minutes after these photos were taken I had a kangaroo bounce off the bike mid corner. Kangaroo and bike undamaged and we continued on our merry way. Rider's heart returned to normal 30 minutes later"



  1. Farkled to match implies your flying over and picking up another bike. Fill us in on the details! :-)

  2. As we say here in the greatest Nation ever founded, "Without pictures it just didn't happen!" ;) Welcome to The States mate and keep the rubber side down.